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For example, mother-in-law greets her with bread and belt, which puts on the threshold.

In order to satisfy these needs, secular ceremonies have started to be carried out by humanist officiants worldwide.

Most Christian churches give some form of blessing to a marriage; the wedding ceremony typically includes some sort of pledge by the community to support the couple's relationship.

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Then another one of the stages of a wedding event Posad, during which the bride and groom seated on the bowl, covered with a casing (symbol of wealth), the bride was burnt on the hair line. Parents give their words of blessing and gifts to the newlyweds.

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As of 1 January 2015, seventeen countries of 206 total states (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark,[nb 1] France, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,[nb 2] New Zealand,[nb 3] Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom,[nb 4] the United States and Uruguay) and certain sub-national jurisdictions (parts of Mexico) allow same-sex couples to marry. Then the groom marks the bride's hair parting with vermilion (sindoor) and puts a gold necklace (mangalsutra) around her neck.

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